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With our knowledge, experience, and resources, setting up a business in Dubai has never been easier. With us, you will find your perfect business set-up partner to help you establish your company in the UAE, and launch your dream start-up without any hassle. If you are looking for a business hub that consists of the ideal ambiance to start up, Dubai is the perfect place for you!

At Optimum Vision, we guide you through the process of choosing the right business as well as support you in gathering all the required documentation. With expert guidance from our consultants and our strong government connections, we can set up your business in no time! We will help you with:

  • Mainland company registration
  • Assistance with trade license requirements
  • PRO services
  • Visa procedures
  • Banking assistance
  • Government services
  • Translation services

UAE Mainland business setup

Are you looking to set up a mainland company in the UAE? We have got you covered. UAE mainland companies are licensed by the Department of Economic Development (DED) and can conduct business in local and international markets without restrictions. We can assist you with this process through our thorough guidance and by following just a few simple steps:

  • Choose your business activity
  • Apply for a trade name
  • Sign company documents (MOA/LSA/CWA)
  • Choose office location
  • Obtain your trade license
  • Open company bank account
  • Apply for immigration card and visas

UAE Offshore business setup

UAE offshore companies are not issued operating licenses & are only given a certificate of incorporation. Hence, offshore company formation in Dubai or any other jurisdiction can be an easy process. But it does require you to know the rules & procedures for offshore company registration in the UAE. With Optimum Vision, you can save your time, money, and effort as we provide you with the fastest & safest way to set up an offshore company. Other major benefits of forming a UAE offshore company are that you can keep 100% of your profits, solely own the company and maintain complete business secrecy.

  • Choose three names for your company
  • Complete the application with the required documents (identity proof, address proof, CV, and business plan)
  • Draft the MOA
  • Choose your business activity
  • Once approved, offshore bank account for your organization will be opened

UAE free zone business setup

Begin your Dubai-free zone company formation process with Optimum Vision without any hassle and hidden costs. There are approximately 30 free zones in the emirate and we’ll help you set up your business premises in some of the most prominent ones among them. These free zones offer world-class infrastructure, business amenities, access to freehold property, and more. Moreover, business setup in Dubai free zone usually has favorable tax and customs rates.

  • Determine the type of legal entity
  • Choose your trade name
  • Apply for your business license
  • Get an office space
  • Get pre-approvals
  • Register your business and obtain your license

We also help you with obtaining visas if you need time to enter the country and study the market, before setting up your entrepreneurial venture.

Visitor’s Visa

The visitor’s visa for visiting the UAE will allow tourists to stay for a period of 60 days. In addition to the regular tourist visa that is sponsored by tourism establishments in the UAE, a five-year multi-entry tourist visa will allow tourists to explore the UAE more deeply and does not require a sponsor. Another entry permit, which doesn’t require a sponsor or host, is aimed at encouraging investors and entrepreneurs to explore business and investment opportunities in the UAE.

Golden visa

The Golden visa offers holders long-term renewable residence visas for up to 10 years. Those that are eligible for the Golden visa include investors, entrepreneurs, individuals with exceptional talents the likes of researchers, medical professionals, those within the scientific and knowledge fields, and outstanding students and graduates. Other than benefits such as 100 percent ownership of their businesses, this visa provides Golden Visa holders other advantages as well. While previously, those who lived outside the country for six months lost their residency, the Golden Visa will now remain valid irrespective of the time they spend outside the UAE. There is no limit on the number of domestic laborers they can sponsor, and the changes will also allow the holder to sponsor their family members, and allow family members to stay in the UAE even if the Golden Visa holder dies, as long as the visa remains valid.

Green Visa

The Green Visa is a type of renewable-residence visa that allows foreigners to sponsor themselves for five years, without having to rely on a UAE national or employer to sponsor their visa. Freelancers or self-employed people, skilled workers, and investors or partners are eligible for the visa. Green visa holders are also given more benefits, such as the ability to sponsor family members, including a spouse, children, and first-degree relatives for the duration of their residency. Parents will be able to sponsor male children till the age of 25, an increase from the previous age limit of 18, while unmarried daughters and children of determination will be granted residence regardless of age, the UAE government had said in June. Holders will also receive an extended flexible grace period of up to six months if their permit is canceled or has expired.

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